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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

God Has Your Financial Back

This week, my devotional is studying how God will seek justice for His children. Monday discussed how the love of wealth has destroyed so many souls and based on the testimonies from the Bible and the lives around us today, what is our attitude about wealth.

One person commented: "We should pray to God such tat our earthly possessions do not control us, but rather we to use them purposely to spread the good news in the world."

I completely agree. At the heart of all the financial advice in the Bible is: Trust in God. No matter what, if you don't trust God to guide your financial decisions, then something else will help to guide your decisions.

I can see how in the human mind it is so hard for us to grasp the power and influence of money. It doesn't seem that bad or harmful. Similarly with alcohol or sex. In these modern times, society tells us that both are controllable and since they are fun we ought to enjoy them to the fullest degree. However, God put parameters on them because he knows the true power and influence these two things can have over a fallen creation. It's the Serpent's lie from the Garden manifested again. We really know the difference between good and evil; and sadly Eve had to find out what that meant after she experienced its effects.

The same can be said about money. It can be hard to understand its total potential without experiencing it, but that's why God gave us His word. There are His warnings and then the testimonies of others that are there to help us. Why? Because there are some things that we will have to wait till heaven for God to reveal in its entirety. As fallen beings, we no longer are capable of fully understanding financial wealth without a high risk of falling subject to it. We have to trust God to guide us with our money like a baby trusts his/her parents to be there when he/she is learning to walk. Because having to experience everything in order to choose to trust God is overrated and unwise.

How many have lost their salvation because they fall for the lie that dates back to the Garden?

photo credit: Johnny Vulkan via photopin cc
photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc