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About Me

I am a woman who is proud to call herself a daughter of God! I have a very diverse background, but in the simplest form, I am American and Trinidadian.

When I reflect on my life, I see that I would not change a thing. Why? Because it has led me to who I am today. I have endured a lot of pain and have experienced intense situations that by the grace of God I made it through. Despite it all, I have much joy in my heart and a ton of hope for the future.

I work for an organization with a powerful mission of sponsoring the education of children living in poverty in Southern Asia. Sometimes I feel as though my role in marketing isn't creating the greatest difference in the lives of the thousands of children we help, but then God reminds me that the organization works like the body. Each part serves a purpose and ultimately helps the body to functions at its top performance. So, I love my job and I love how God is once again using me to change the lives of his children.

Finally, I am a woman of many interests. I have a serious love for almost anything artistic, sports, and people. That would include singing almost anywhere. The Baltimore Ravens is the best NFL team ever!! I love to try new things and that includes traveling to new places around the world. I love connecting with others, so feel free to connect with me. 

Well, that's me. 

Happy browsing! 


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