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Sunday, April 30, 2017

A New Time and A New Site

I am so thankful for the way that God led me to begin blogging almost five years ago. Five years! I went from a woman too timid to share her words with the world to a woman who was ready to be a vessel whenever God asked.

It has been tough because I don't always feel compelled to say yes to God. Yet, I was determined not to give up.

Then a time came, about two years ago, when my fears and overwhelmed state of mind led me to put down my pen. Over those two years, I struggled with whether or not writing was really my calling. Did my words even matter? Was it worth putting my time into blogging? Did I misinterpret my conversations with God about my calling?

After a while, it became easier to push aside my blogging past since it had become a habit. Through it all, the Holy Spirit persistently worked to soften my heart. I am so grateful that God never gives up on His children. Aren't you?

Not only does He not give up, he changes hearts. Amen!

Today I can proudly say that I have relaunched The One Source Blog on its new site, theonesourceblog.com, and will move forward differently than before. I can't say that I will never be discouraged again, but I have learned that it's worth saying yes to him.

Let's head over there now for the complete story of how God moved in my life! I know you'll love it.

The new One Source Blog!


  1. Your blog launch looks great.I look forward to stopping by again.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad that you like it. Feel free to subscribe to get great resources right to your inbox. Thanks for commenting!