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Recommended Blogs

Over the years I have found that when you find a blog that you really love, you wonder if there are other out there that are similar? I struggled with that same question. So, I went on a quest.  The end result? ....... The Lord has led me to some amazing blogs that I want to share with you.

Some great blogs that I have found over the years are no longer active, so my list has dwindled some. But, the search is not yet complete. Also, if you have a recommendation, let me know! I love when people share cool things with me.

Let the blog surfing begin! :-)

Twenty-something, female, Iowan, Peace Corps Volunteer, teacher, gardener, Central College graduate, younger sister, daughter, single, curious, lover of languages, wanderer, book lover, and Christian. The last one is the most important, and the reason for the existence of this blog. I was compelled by the Lord to begin blogging about my journey in faith, and here I begin. Where it leads, only the Lord knows.

It is our hope that you will meet us here to find rest in God's word, and rest in knowing that he always meets us right where we are at, no matter what we are going through. So find a quiet place, grab a Bible, and soak up God's word.

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