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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Today is a New Day

Woke up this morning? Check.

Breath in my lungs? Check.

A working mind? Check.

Health? Check.

A loving and forgiving God? Check.

I will lift mine eyes unto the hills. He is my present help. Ps. 121:1, 46:1. So, I will be glad that I have today. I didn't have to have today, but I do.

As I look out my new window of my new apartment, I am at peace. I love the nature and its beauty. However this peace did not arrive because today I did everything perfectly, but because I am thinking about my very perfect God. He crossed my mind and made me smile. :-D How about that.

There is something very profound about God. Could it be the way his bright and beautiful rays kiss the earth? Or could it be his tall unwavering trees standing ever constant in my life? No, it must be the security I feel of knowing that as the weather changes I have warm clothes. Yes, that must be it!

Today is a new day and tomorrow shall be one as well. I'm just going to take life one step at a time allowing Christ to prepare the way ahead of me. :-)

Are you glad that there is hope for a new day?

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Basis of Your Hope

To say that this week has been challenging would be an understatement. I have felt more strong emotions this week that I have in a while. Sadly, though "a while" is not as long as it should be. The past couple months have really been trying. God is calling my character forward into the light through some intense trials. There are some days when all I want to do is scream, other days I want a waterfall to come gushing out of my eyes, then there are days when I have nothing to say. Yet, in every moment of every day, I have yet to feel alone. Yes, I may miss my friends and family, but I do not feel alone. God is with me.

It is easy to feel like there is no one on the planet who at a precise moment has not a clue how you feel.  No gets you.... Wrong! There are many people who understand what you are going through. You just may not have encountered them yet. This week I sat on a bench soaking up the warmth from the sun while encountering someone who got what I am going through. As I spoke with one of my friends, to my shock, I was not the only one going through such a specific and tricky tribulation. I was not alone.

When I would feel the feelings of loneliness and confusion creeping in, God would send a messenger my way. It would come through a needed quote, from a phone call at the precise moment needed, a Bible verse, a song, and words from above spoken through any willing vessel. Wednesday was that day. It still shocks me how persistent God is. All day long, message after message. He would not give up! God never gave up on me.

From this long week, I can truly say without a shadow of a doubt that I KNOW that God is with me. That is not speculation or hear say. I still have no idea how He is going to take me step by step, but He will. I have experienced loneliness, so I know what God's presence feels like. I have experienced fear, so I know what God's comfort feels like. I have heard silence, so I know what God's voice sounds like. It was the hardest week, but it was not impossible! God was seeking for me to feel and experience who he really is. This week God was not a figment of my spiritual imagination, God was, and is, a real being who is taking my life by storm.

For all those out there who feel like there is no hope, recall what the basis of your hope is. Is it because of the stuff you have in your life or is because of the God in your life.

How has God shown His worth to you?

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