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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Have You Met My God??


It's been a hard scary week.
Not sure why all this has gone down.
But, I don't need to understand to trust you.

Satan thinks he can squash my purpose.
He has not met my God!

My body thinks that it will not recover.
It has not met my God!

My mind thinks it is not capable of understanding.
Who is wonderfully made by God again?

I may loose faith in who I am.
Have I forgotten that I'm besties with God??

The pain that is in my heart.
Skipping from vein to vein.
Will not consume me much longer.
Has it not met my God??

I am sure
   I am sure
      I am sure

as there is air in my lungs

     I serve a RISEN Savior!!

        So, Satan, if you thought you won this week....


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