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Friday, March 13, 2015

7 Hours

7 hours
           420 minutes
                       25,200 seconds.

If I had to account for that amount of time that I had been given, what would be my response?

Yes, we can say that our society is very materialistic and selfish. I have a greater impact on my own life than that of societies. So, I should follow after the greatest quality of life whether or not that quality if condoned my society.

So... was my focus today solely on things and/or all on myself? How many people did I pass going about my day? Did I speak more positive things or negative things into fruition?

We measure a man's success by the legacy left behind,

7 hours 
                             420 minutes 
                                                           25,200 seconds.

If I were to reflect on the past 7 hours, what would I conclude was my impact?

I was humbled this evening to recall that we impact others with our words, actions, and on our knees. No matter where I was today, I could have been there for someone.

It may seem like no big deal because my life has not ended, yet if I declare that I love others, then it is a BIG deal. Love should not be about convenience-- I'll love you when I feel like it. Instead, it should be an enduring principle.The biggest part of our earthly legacy is how much we loved or did not love others. Of all that "evil people" to ever live, they are all disliked because of their lack of love for others. Did we focus on things and ourselves, or did we seek to focus on other more?

There shouldn't be a long conversation with oneself when asked to account for ones time. Thumbs up or thumbs down. However, if I profess love from my lips... then my time better be spent keeping my word.

How can you account for your day today?

 photo credit: Number 7 via photopin (license)

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