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Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Than a Simple Concept

Well, this being my first blog, I will just dive into my thoughts. Woot!

     Balance. So much more than an instrument used in a science lab, it is the essence of life. Look at the weather that we have been encountering these past few years, it has been very inconsistent. One year it is snowing a lot in a region that hardly ever gets snow, and the next year that same region is back to normal. People of various backgrounds and geographical locations will deliberate on what could be causing such an unbalance. Ultimately, they come to no single conclusion, instead they agree to disagree.
     So, what else could balance entail? We are all familiar with the concept of living a balanced life. Yes. That is no new concept. But, is it more than a concept? What does a balanced life entail? Eating right, getting an appropriate amount of sleep each night, exercising and spending quality time with the Lord. But, if I attempt to do each of these things, does that automatically mean that I am now living a balanced life? My answer is no.
     Devotions are critical to my sanity. Each day I seek to spend quality time with the Lord to ensure that I am equip for the day. This past week, God has been defining balance slowly but surely. So, what has He been sharing? One, it all starts in the mind. Two, patience is the forgotten ingredient. And, more to come when He reveals the other components.
     In this blog, I'll dive into numero uno. Why does it all start in the mind? Well, who makes you pick the red shirt over the green one? Who makes you choose what to cook for dinner? You make these decisions yourself. You talk yourself into or out of anything! Man, that is so true. Why I sometimes start to get ready for the gym, but never exactly get my sneakers on.... Fail! I have noticed how little times during the day do we make calculated decisions. Instead we just go with whatever works for the moment. Imagine, though, if we would see life more in the big picture. What a difference that would make. Instead of taking a nap, we could do something to get our mind going again. Then we would stay productive and ultimately not feel the pressure to stay up late. Just an example.
    So, nothing new, it all begins in the mind. What does that have to do with balance? Who has the power to help you make better decisions? Decisions that, when you put them altogether, reveal a beautiful picture of balance. The author of our faith should also be the author of our decisions. It is so hard for us to make all the right decisions to keep a balanced lifestyle, that most of us give up after a day or two of trying. We need to open our tired eyes, and see that the God who we spend time wants to step in and lead our minds. When you are frustrated, which will affect your decisions making ability, He can take control of every nerve. When you are overwhelmed by the tasks of life, He can relax every nerve. Then He moves beyond your mind and to your body. You become filled with peace and assurance. Suddenly you have a sense of clarity and hope. The sleep you thought you would never get, you realize you have had for two days straight now. The concept of drinking 8 glasses of water becomes easy as pie. The walk to gym shrinks from 30 minutes to 5 minutes. 3 hours of study time for 2 classes, turns into 5 hours for 4 classes. Reality is what you make it. So, when God takes reign over your mind, true balance becomes your reality.

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