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Monday, February 27, 2012

Whose Plans Should Have the Stage

     I took a moment today to reflect on how God uses our testimony to bless others. I was reminded of that when I spoke with my brother a few days ago. What was supposed to be a conversation where a sister was supporting her older brother, it became a conversation where God was supporting His son.
     It was intense. Hearing the words come out of my mouth that I knew were not my own. I felt as if I was sharing my experience and the experience was transforming into so much more. After the call, I was exhausted, but I felt great.
     Today God reminded me of an important message, "I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you...." I spent so much time recently trying to create my own miracle. I possess no such power. Whereas, I possess the power to give it all to God. Do my part and let God handle the rest. 
     God also revealed that he allowed the recent events to get worse right before He answered my prayers, because He wanted me to forever remember that it was He who worked it all out. Not me and my own works. I will always remember who was the author and finisher of that chapter.
     Allow God's plan to do more than take center stage, allow them to have the stage!

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