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Friday, March 2, 2012

For What Reason?

So, God is not so subtly showing me that His reasons are not always my reasons. So, why would you put me in that situation? That question for some reason tends to appear it's pretty little head into my life. Why? Why? Why? It is true that God does not have to answer that question, but because of love He sometimes does. He has definitely been doing that for me there past few weeks. Why has He been doing that? Preparation.

Preparation: The action of making ready or being made ready for use.

It is a series of actions. The simple everyday events that he has allowed to take place in my life has been to prepare me for the future that He is taking me to. I think that we have grown up in an evironment where we think that we have to be set up in a certain type of environment or relationship to learn what is needed. What about God? Does He not poses the ability to teach and educate on anything that He has created or that you need to know about? We ought not to limit God to a very small classroom. He can set you up in a situation or teach you one on one. 

Ultimately he wants us to be prepared to what is to come. There are so many lessons in the Bible that educate us and prepare us for an unknown future. There are even some books that are prophetic so that we are prepared for situations that will be so far out off our conception. The future may be unknown, but it does not have to be foreign.

I love the thought that God puts me in the know when I think I know not. When He gives me peace in place of worry when I feel like I am still filled with fear. When He gives me glimpses of a future that is unlike my past. When I learn about x from situation y.

God retaught me that He has no limits.

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