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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Amazing Sabbath!!

God, you are more than amazing! Sometimes, slash most of the time, I just can't put you into words. Today, I would say, has been an affirming day. The word that was spoken by your manservant was.... the fire that consumed much of the mess in my heart. The word was fierce and bold, reminding me that God is not looking for followers who will watch Jesus carry His cross. He wants followers who will take up their own cross and walk with the Lord. Accepting whatever consequences that come about because of that decision. Keep me eyes focused on Christ and we will not fall into the traps that Satan will set up.


More than just a beautiful thing, it is needed in the lives of all men. There is not a person on this plant who can go without the affirmation the Lord provides. Also, today He showed me how we, people, can affirm each other. It isn't always about sharing something a person has never heard before, so many times it is saying what they have heard. Speaking those familiar and comforting words at the right time pertaining to the right circumstances. Thanks Lord!

There is so much beauty to be seen in the works of the Lord. Besides the beautiful weather that kept me smiling as I took a walk, I took in the scents of the love of God. I took in the sights of miracles. I felt the presence of my one true love. For me, that calls to entitling today an Amazing Sabbath!! :-D

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