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Sunday, April 6, 2014

With a Swiftness!

Transformation 3

     February was one of the most challenging months that I have endured in a very long time. Writing these Transformation testimonies has helped me to process, accept, and grow from what the Lord allowed me to go through. If you are going through some serious trials, go to the Lord and tell him what you think. Write out your fears and pain so that God can transform them into courage and love. Now here is the last installment.

With a Swiftness!

     Impatience is the understatement of the year. So much so that I struggle with revealing this weakness in words right now.

     I recall sitting at my desk in my classroom pondering how on earth I would ever make it through the month. With all the questions running on repeat in my mind, I was sure that I was doomed. There are 28 days in February? Well not in the year 2014. There were about 40 days in that month with each day containing 30 long and excruciating hours.

     There was a one particular coworker that I was praying for. There needed to be a change otherwise I would lose my Jesus through dealing with her--so I thought. I begged and pleaded with God to open her eyes, to grant me patience, to give me the words to speak to her, to reveal the secret recipe on how to deal with her. 

I got nothing.

I just had to keep pressing on through the fire and hope for relief. 

What craziness!

     How could I not see that each day was an answer to prayer! Arg! Everyday God was calling for me to stand firm on the Bible and focus on His will for me that day. How do I know this? It was all revealed weeks later in March. She informed me that God had rebuked her for how she had treated me on a particular day. However, I did not need to know that to trust God. I did not need the satisfaction, yet I craved it more than I craved the Word of God to give me guidance.

     When we hurry God along, we are setting up our own cones along the road to direct God on how He should lead and guide. Yet we give him no authority to actually lead and guide. 
"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Fist and the Last the Beginning and the End." Rev. 22:13
God is both in the beginning and the end of the situation, which automatically makes his credentials to take the lead more substantial than our own.
"God is willing and He is able
This did not catch Him by surprise
So just trust Him and just oh, step aside"
~Step Aside by Yolanda Adams

     I have heard this from God before, but there is a reason why Paul wrote:
"I protest, brothers, by my pride in you, which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die every day!" 1 Cor. 15:31
It is because we must renew our hearts every day as to abstain from falling back into the same bad cycles. Cycles of trusting self more than God; of greed; of lying; of lust; of hate.

     It is time for me to respond to the Lord's call for me to act. He has never ceased to be about His business. It is time for me to pick up my feet and trust God with all of my heart. To focus only on Him throughout my day instead of all the many injustices I feel are falling upon me. Then I am to love all mankind, not excluding my enemies, as Jesus did.

Of course, I will do it With a Swiftness!


  1. The swifter, the better! But really, sometimes it's so hard to see that we can handle the situations God allows us to experience. May God help us to completely trust Him always.

    1. Yes, the situation can often times seem very foggy or completely invisible. I second your prayer.