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Friday, July 4, 2014

Too Many Changes!!!

Ode to be a kid again.

Where I am in my life, I would not categorize as the most fun point in my life. I am not comfortable and relaxed. 

Ode to be a kid again.

Change is hard. Change causes you to do some introspection and evaluate how you are progressing in life. Confirm whether or not you are actually adaptable. Change evokes powerful emotions often masked by simplicity. Change pulls and tugs on your heart.

Ode to be a kid again.

Power. We all want it in some shape or form. Power is addicting. Power feels very gratifying. Potential power plays a predictable role in our decision making process.

Ode to be a kid again.

A common phrase you may here is, "The struggle is real." I myself use this phrase to articulate that hard times are not a possibility, there are a reality. As much as we know about Christ, there is a tug of war that goes on in our heart and mind. I know that God is making a way for me to continue to grow and experience and reach his children, but my weak mind questions why it has to be so hard and why must I go through changes that make my stomach ache. If only I had more control (power) over the situation, things would turn our differently. Why must my eyes well up at the thought of having to accept so much new? I am going to chose your path to follow, but I feel my feet slowing down. Where has my enthusiasm to serve you gone?

"Thy word have I hid in my heart..."

The reality of walking with God is often times more than we perceive we can bear. It is almost shocking. If our life begins to parallel some of the Bible characters we have read about, fear starts to creep in. It's almost as if we were not expecting hard times like the Old Testament or life changing/ relocating experiences like in the New Testament.

"Thy word have I hid in my heart..." 

Brother, Sister, the fact is that this body we have is going to feel a lot of things throughout the rest of 2014 and the remainder of our time on earth. If you are to comfortable, please read John 15:18. We must put our trust in the right place. Don't let your discomfort confuse you into thinking you are all alone and without love and protection. 

"Thy word have I hid in my heart..."

I am not sure why the Lord keeps repeating this verse to me, but I sense it is because of John 1:1-4. We need to hold tight to the only lifeline that is able to sooth an aching heart, calm your anxious leg from continuously shaking, and motivate you to press forward every day.

There are days when being a kid seems like the easy way out. To reach back into time when your concerns were how much jelly was on your PB&J, whether Jamal and Katie wanted to be in your new club, or if you would make it home on time to watch your favorite TV show. But, who says God is not capable to reducing our stress?? Matthew 11:28-30. I need that type of rest. So, if it is available, then I suggest that I take advantage of it. 

Psalms 119:9-12 gives the big picture of the day. Take this word like it is chocolate or whatever your favorite food is, and savor every syllable and meaning. Then take it and savor it some more later on in the day. While you walk, drive, brush your teeth, stand in line, work out. Then before you sleep, savor it some more. Then repeat, repeat, repeat.

Where is our Savior taking in the latter part of 2014??


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