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Friday, November 28, 2014

A Little Bit in Each of Us

A little bit of prodigal in each of us.

Tonight I watched a quality film called A Long Way Off and it really touched me. It is the best movie make of the parable "The Prodigal Son" that I've ever seen. All of a sudden certain details that Jesus put in the story were more relatable. The prodigal character almost seemed like a role that could have been mine had I made different decisions in life. Actually a lot of different people beyond the typical "wild child" could play that role.

What type of profile comes to mind when you picture someone in your mind that you classify as a prodigal son/daughter? Maybe they left the church right out of high school or college? Maybe they left their family for a more promiscuous lifestyle? Or maybe they have chosen to make career number one instead of more fulfilling things.

Now look in the mirror and ask yourself how far off from being classified as a prodigal from God are you. What if all of your financial investments began to fail? What if you lost your job and received little to no severance? What if your ministry just started to fall apart? What if former addictions became hard to resist again? What if more than one of these things happened in a one month span!?

Would you take your all the blessings, memories, and knowledge of God and walk away from him? Would you grow weary of his lifestyle and seek something else more "satisfying?" Would the prayers trickle? The Bible seem less appealing? Or would you justify not having to respond to any of the Holy Spirit's urging because you got this?

Whatever you see, is most likely not going to be pretty and not going to be comfortable--but do take that time to look....

What do you see in your self that's pulling you away from God?

photo credit: Jon.B. via photopin cc
photo credit: king of monks via photopin cc

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