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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Beggar by a Waterfall

For my devotions this morning, I captured this great passage from a lesson called "Friendship with the World."

When The Word often refers to His wandering children as prostitutes, it makes you wonder how to make that uneasy label go away:

"Grace is the only real solution to our plight. The proud, however, have placed themselves in a position where they can't easily receive that grace. Someone wrote that we get grace as do beggars holding out a tin cup before a waterfall. Only a person humble, meek, and aware of his or her utter need and dependency is open to grace, to the unmerited favor bestowed upon those who are in every way, unworthy." 

What a silly concept. Can you imagine a homeless person hiking up some hill to get to a waterfall and extend his arm to actually expect handouts? That would not happen! Yet, then there are those of us who have so much pride and selfishness eating away at our core, that we devise such plans as to how we will attain our grace. In our eyes we do not look foolish. In our eyes, that is the only way.

We scale hills and mountains in our lives for the sole purpose of achieving grace, forget love. "What's love got to do with it?" to borrow the famous lyrics. That's how we act when we are wandering away from Christ like a prostitute--a little that makes us shudder. For it is impossible for you to manipulate God into giving us grace for things that have become our idols; for characteristics that we refuse to give up. 

"'And she didn't care that she was acting like a prostitute. So she make her country unclean and was guilty of adultery, because she worshiped idols made of stone and wood. Israel's wicked sister didn't even come back to me with her whole heart, but only pretended,' says the Lord." Jer. 3:9-10

Each day is a new day. God takes us day by day for a reason, That reason is so that we don't have to feel so overwhelmed over how to change. We need to give things over to God step by step, day by day. Otherwise we will find ourselves looking foolish by a waterfall.

So, are you going seek God daily to help you change?

photo credit: Ian Sane via photopin cc

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