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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

More than a Phrase

I know that Happy New Year is a phrase that is easy to roll off the tongue. However, I actually want this year to be a happy one. I don't want mediocrity. I do not desire to barely make it through. This new year will be more than I could ever imagine, but I have to do it God's way. I have expectations and desires. I can envision a future that makes me smile:

My Happy New Year:
Increase of patience
Writing more
More dates with God
A successful semester
My students drawing closer to God
Visiting friends in different parts of the country
Traveling more than in 2013
Becoming more financially sound
My heart opening up more to God's will

This is not the end of the list, I see a future of adjusting more to living a balanced lifestyle. Exercising more and drinking 3 liters of water everyday. 

So Lord, I want to give you the desires of my heart that would make me happy. I also open the door for you to give me desires that I do not know I have....

My Happy New Year Part 2:
Trials that increase my love of others
More challenges from my students
Hard weeks to remind me that I need you

... As many challenges that come my way, I renew my commitment to you. 

It will not be easy to achieve a happy year. I must always lean on Christ. I must be content with the life that God has given me instead of dreaming of a different one. I must have God's Word live in me and ignite me. I must choose to be happy. Not an impossible task because I have experienced happiness in the Lord before, so let's do this thang!


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