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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Was it Meant to be Easy?

As I sit here trying to motivate myself to be productive despite my tired body and mind, I wonder if I am trying to hard. Today was a long and extremely productive day at work. I feel very proud of what I was able to accomplish with my coworker, yet as soon as I walked through my front door, I did not feel the same motivation.

Now hours have passed and I feel shame for how I have spent my time. I have calmed my spirit, but have I used my time wisely?

Then I stop and ask God what he thinks.

I hear two things: balance and that my strength is small and his is great!

How could I ever forget that? If I really want to be a woman of action this year, then I need to derive my strength from the only source that is never without momentum. How silly of me!


Thank you for today and for qualifying the one you have called. Please ignite my mind and spirit in the evenings. Let me never go an hour without dwelling on you or including you. Forgive me for my short-comings and continue to teach me how to do better.


I guess it is not as hard as I thought to get moving. Off I go!


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