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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Creator and Redeemer

     God has spoken creation into existence and the same power is flows through the Word of God to recreate and transform us if we are willing. 
     There is truly power in the name of Jesus. For we don't have to work and slave to be transformed. We don't lack a part in the process, but our part cannot be compared to all that our Father does daily to transform our insides. 
     We marvel in the beauty of what creation is and more so what is was originally. Why? Because it is just so beautiful, awesome, majestic, breathtaking, exciting, and more than meets the eye. Well, God's redeeming power is also majestic, breathtaking, exciting and more than meets the eye. 
     Holy holy is the Lord God Almighty! 
     Each day, allow God's essence to ignite your transformation and relationship with Him. He wants to be with us. Not just here and now, but for all of eternity.


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