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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Not There Yet

     Earlier this week, I posted on how God was the only way to get through my hard week. I would have to choose to draw close to him and then he would comfort me.

     Well, as this week comes to a close, I can not say that I feel back to my chipper self. I continue to feel the weight of my trials upon my shoulders. So, what could I possibly have to say to you then?

God is alluring.

     Each night before going to sleep, I took some time to spend it with God. I did not know how to let him in completely, but I wanted to learn more about him. Each night the desire to learn increased to the point that I felt it in the middle of the day. I would anticipate bed time so that I could spend it with him.

     Now I see how God was drawing me to him in an unexpected way. I was expecting the usual: come to me, don't stress about work, or trust in me. Instead the Lord took the same message and wrapped in a different package. It worked! I came to the feet of Jesus, gazing into his marvelous eyes. Now I feel comforted and I compelled to trust him to take me through this tough time.

     This week God has reminded me that he is full of surprises and fully capable of handling me. Without even realizing it, I was being comforted.

My God is AWESOME!

How has our Lord drawn you to his side? I would love to hear about it!

 photo credit: New Talent Modelling via photopin cc

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