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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Superhuman Breath

     Imagine taking a deep breath and your lungs are filled with a type of oxygen that not only sustains your life, but repairs it as well. As each molecule flows through your organ, it heals every other molecule it comes in contact with. After a while you lungs are in perfect order with all the scars of pollution erased.
     Breathing would take on a whole new meaning. As much as it comes naturally, it would become associated with restoration.
     Jesus breathed into us the breath of life. Before sin that breath gave us life in the purest form. Perfect lungs, perfect heart, perfect brain, perfect kidneys. Perfection. However, so much has changed since Eden; all except Jesus. He is still the life giver. When he breath enters our body, it heals everything it comes in contact with. Seeking to only leave behind perfection.
     I think I can find rest in that. Whenever we think of perfection, we think of a forever unattainable burden. Let us not forget we have no control over the power of Jesus, all we need to do is surrender to Him.

     For the past couple of days, I've been thinking about how I rest in the Lord. I see now that as calming as it is to take deep breaths, I want peace from taking in Jesus into my life. I want to find rest in that. Rest that is attainable no matter where I am. Praise the Lord!

Do you think it is easy to allow God to restore your life?
Share your thoughts with me.


photo credit: VinothChandar via photopin cc

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