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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Don't Underestimate Your Words

Doesn't it feel that sometimes one comment that someone says to you throws off your peace of mind completely? Well, I feel like that happened to me today.

As I went through my day, I tried to recall where my peaceful state of mind went. Was it because I was hungry? Nope, filled that need. Was it because I was tired? Nope, probably because of the full belly. Well then what could it be?

I prayed a short prayer to God, because I needed His help. I knew that he would be able to shed light on my heart for me. 

After my prayer, He revealed where my unrest came from. Someone had said something earlier to me that challenged my security in Christ and it shook me. All I want to do right now is feel secure in Christ.

What then is stopping me?

Now that I know what the issue is, it can be resolved. I can either allow doubt to creep in and begin chocking out my trust in my protector or I can throw that mess away and believe no matter what. I will chose to believe no matter what.

What is the morale of the story? Always keep your thoughts in check with Jesus's help. That's what the battle is over-- our thoughts. So, don't let Satan win, even over the little things.

Have you surrendered your thoughts to God today??

photo credit: anna gutermuth via photopin cc

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